Diagnostics startup pass landmark: signs first international order

The unique fibrosis model offered by InfiCure is attracting international attention. Last month the startup signed their first contract for a full-service preclinical pilot study to test two substances for an american client in Boston. The trial i currently underway, with all lab work beeing done on location in Umeå.

Few options for testing drugs against fibrosis

The order is for a full-service preclinical trial of two substances with potential to affect fibrosis - or scar tissue formation in organs due to long lasting inflammation. As there is a limited number of model systems available for fibrosis studies. The shortage of preclinical testing systems makes the whole organism-model offered by InfiCure Bio an attractive option.


Digital Resources

  • Read full lenght article:http://www.ubi.se/news/diagnostics-startup-pass-landmark-signs-first-international-order
  • The fibrosis model published in PLoS earlier this year: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4956255/
  • Website of InfiCure: http://inficurebio.com/